Remerciements du foyer Eleftheria

Remerciements du foyer Eleftheria 1200 675 Association Prosuma

To Prosuma
For the attention of Mr. Régis Ollier

Dears Sirs,
We thank very much one again for your support to our organization.
More specially, we have replaced windows and doors in the ELEFTHERIA house at the total price of 4.000,00 euros and we have also received vegetables for 791,24 euros.


Also four students visited ELEFTHERIA house and Day Center Hara II for persons with autism and offered their services for one month. Their contribution was excellent and very helpful for our project.
Hoping that you continue your support to our organization next year, wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Your faithfully

Eri Kalogeropoulou
President of the Board