Lettre de remerciements pour la cuisine des Papillons Blancs

Lettre de remerciements pour la cuisine des Papillons Blancs 1200 673 Association Prosuma

Dear Mr. Ollier,

After 3 years of perfect cooperation between Prosuma Organization and Aspres Petaloudes Foundation, we managed, with your help, to finish the installation of modern kitchen’s
equipment, according to required specifications. A really big project, as the kitchen has become more functional and convenient. ln this difficult economic time, your donation lifted our
spirits, as the renovation of the kitchen was vital to be done, in order to continue providing better quality services.
Until now, Prosuma Organization has donated the significant amount of 9.200 euros,
for the renovation of the kitchen. There are no words to describe how grateful we feel having you by our side.

Once more, on behalf of the Administrative Committee of Aspres Petaloudes Foundation, lwould like to express our deepest gratitude to you and to people of Prosuma, whom
with their efforts, we have completed a project extremely great for the lives of the 50 people who live in the Foundation.
We hope our collaboration will be continued in the future, as well. We are expecting you in our Foundation to meet you and see in person our renovated kitchen.

For the Administrative Committee,
The President of the Foundation
Bakalianos Athanasios